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The awful truth about roses

Choose wisely to minimize problems with roses. Want to know the awful truth about roses? They are a lot of work—if you don’t choose the right ones!  With our mild winters and balmy spring and autumn weather, Atlanta’s climate seems ideal for successful rose gardening. It would be, if not for the summertime.  Unfortunately, our hot, humid summers provide the …

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Got shade?

Celebrating the shade in your landscape. Here’s a question for you:  Would you rather spend a sweltering hot July afternoon battling weeds in your perennial bed, sweat dripping down your face, or would you prefer to relax in the 10-15 degree cooler shade of dogwood trees, admiring the magnificent foliage of your shade garden?  I know what my answer is! …

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Toxic plants for pets

Some landscape plants can be harmful to furry family members. If you have a green thumb and are a pet owner, it’s a good idea to take inventory of the plants and foliage both inside and around your home. The Humane Society of the United States has identified more than 700 plants that can be dangerous to pets. The effects …

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Deer and rabbit control

Making landscape choices to limit deer and rabbit damage. Aren’t they cute?  Bambi and Thumper sure are sweet, soft and cuddly, but ask any gardener how they feel about these furry creatures when they’re found munching on their prize hostas and begonias! Nursery employees, master gardeners and county extension agents claim that “How do I keep deer and rabbits out …

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Why ‘design’ your landscape?

Plan and design for success in your landscape. Designing a garden is done either consciously or unconsciously. Even those gardens that seem to be “all over the place” are the result of a series of decisions– planting a tree here, adding a border of flowers there, perhaps placing a water feature somewhere else.  The most successful gardens usually begin with …

UAC-adminWhy ‘design’ your landscape?

Growing herbs for tea

Home-grown herbs liven up your tea cup. What could be better than a hot cup of tea on a cold day, or a frosty glass of iced tea when it’s hot? Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world and creating an herbal tea garden could be a delicious, creative addition to your plantings. Ancient Egyptian writings tell us …

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