Pairing landscape with architecture

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Timeless and classic front landscape

Floralis Garden Design

Floralis Garden Design

The existing front landscape offered mix of grade changes, low walls, overgrown plant material, and bare landscape bed areas.   Additionally, a driveway in disrepair and outdated accents on the home decreased the visual curb appeal.

Floralis Garden Design

Our design removed the front lawn terrace concept and the front landscape beds and re-graded the lawn areas for a simple, clean, approach to the home.  A new bluestone walkway and landing were added along the front foundation. New foundation plantings were installed to add to the updated, fresh look.

Floralis Garden Design

Containers flank and accent the front door.

Floralis Garden Design

Floralis Garden DesignAdditionally, the side door entry was renovated with a new bluestone walk and landing, and painted brick entry columns were added to the driveway to frame and limit views to the rear parking court. These areas were planted with a mix of evergreen shrubs and garden perennials to soften the hard lines and add color and interest through the seasons. Outdoor lighting was renovated to accent the new architectural elements, and the landscape irrigation system adjusted to provide coverage to all new planting additions.

The main difficulty of this project was the goal to pair the landscape with the architecture of the home, while preserving the goal of curb appeal with a high-end look.  Architectural elements and landscape materials were chosen that would pair well together and that would provide a timeless, and classic design. With such a large architectural façade, typically more is better in terms of a landscape balance, but in this case simplicity was the name of the game. Simple, evergreen landscape components and groupings frame and focus the architecture to compliment and balance.

The final result is an updated architectural and landscape renovation with a classic, timeless look and well maintained green spaces.


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The goal of Floralis will always be to create environments representing creative, fresh ideas, recognized for their quality and unparalleled attention to detail.

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