Unlimited color and creativity


The clients wanted to eliminate most flower beds in their estate and replace them with colorful and interesting containers to enjoy no matter where they went on their property.

They wanted as much color, structure and bold textures as possible with no limitations on creativity. That required careful planning and communication with the clients to understand their wants and goals, and working closely with container vendors and growers to obtain the right look and feel throughout the property.


Shade planter with Kimberly Queen Fern, Babywing White Begonia and White Queen Caladiums.


Shade bed with Portidora Elephant Ears, Violet Sunpatiens and Aaron Caladiums.


Shady front porch pots with Selome Philodendron, Persian Shield, Baby Wing Begonias, white Queen Caladium and ferns.


Planter grouping on patio.


Second patio planter grouping.


Pool area low bowl with Kimberly Queen Fern, Salmon Geraniums, Little Lucky Yellow Lantana and White Queen Caladiums.


Patio area planter with ferns, Aaron Caladiums, Lave Rose Coleus, Babywing White Begonias and Coral Sunpatiens.

Judges' comments about this project

  • Excellent use of texture - strong and bold sontrast.
  • Simple color schemes tie things together well.
  • Plants look very healthy.
  • Nice use of tropicals.
  • Large bed is beautiful.
  • Really gave the homeowner a big bang for the buck.

About Flowerworx


Scott Barnard has worked in the Atlanta Market as a Floriculture Designer for the commercial and residential markets for over 20 years. His job description includes designing and implementing Seasonal color beds, Perennial beds, Urban Vegetable gardens and container projects. His college background is Marketing/Advertising but his love of the outdoors drew him into a career of landscape design. By working along with the production side in this field, he has also learned the science behind growing and maintaining annuals to help ensure the performance of the flower beds and containers throughout the growing seasons. His years of experience and eye for design allow him to create award winning landscape portfolios.