Unlimited color and creativity

The clients wanted to eliminate most flower beds in their estate and replace them with colorful and interesting containers to enjoy no matter where they went on their property. They wanted as much color, structure and bold textures as possible with no limitations on creativity. That required careful planning and communication with the clients to…

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Standout color


This family was looking for a seasonal color design and installation that would stand out from all the competition in their neighborhood. The home is located on an elevated lot with a steep incline. They were counting on a big and bold color design that could be seen from the street below. To make a…

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Big, bold color


Bold seasonal color that thrives in the summer heat. This estate property in the heart of Sandy Springs has close to 1500 square feet of annual beds throughout its four acres of land. The property was installed with a lush landscape design theme with many varieties of trees, evergreens, conifers and blooming plant material and…

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