GALA: Georgia Landscape Awards

Honoring the ‘Best of the Best’ - GALA - Georgia Landscape Awards

We encourage our members to enter their projects  in the GALA Awards program.

The Georgia Urban Ag Council presents the GALA Awards to:

  • Encourage interest in landscaping
  • Recognize professionals who produce outstanding landscapes
  • Create pride in superior workmanship
  • Bestow public recognition on companies and institutions for their interest in a beautiful Georgia!

NEW! First Take Feedback

First time entering? Take advantage of our new First Take Feedback offer.

Send us up to three photos and captions for evaluation and pointers BEFORE submitting your entry.

We don't have any input to the judging but we have years of experience watching the process. So, while we can't give you an advantage or promise that you'll win an award, we can give you feedback about the direction you're going with your entry. Just don't wait until the last minute!

Email your photos and captions to:

Get ready!

UAC's Georgia Landscape Awards (GALA) will be back for 2023. Entries will be accepted in January 2023 - that means this is the year to photograph all of your best projects while they're at their peak.

Entering has never been easier

  • Details, worksheets, success tips, past winners, entry form - they're all right here. See the sidebar on this page for everything you need.

Reap the rewards

  • Award winners will be honored by their peers at the awards banquet and ceremony in March 2023.


  • We’ll help you promote your winning projects by posting them on our Houzz, Instagram, and Facebook pages and tagging your company.
  • Grand award winners will be featured on UAC’s home page.
  • A photo gallery of distinction and grand projects will be added to UAC’s website. Click here to view the 2019 winners.
  • GALA projects are featured in UAC Magazine, on our Georgia Landscape Pro consumer blog, and in our My Home Improvement magazine ads.
  • A “GALA WINNER” graphic badge will be placed on your company’s UAC web profile and you’ll get a “GALA WINNER” graphic badge to use on your website, correspondence, and business promotions.
  • We’ll provide a press release template to help you spread the word about your winning projects.

It's never too early to get started

  • Photos: Gather up to 12 photos to tell your project’s story, focusing on "before" and "after" shots.

  • Worksheet: Our GALA worksheet walks you through everything you need to do. Start it anytime and save it on your computer so you can add info as you gather it, as time permits. When you’re done, use it to fill in the blanks on the online form. Download your worksheet and get started today!

  • Online form: Once your worksheet is complete, use the information to complete the online GALA entry form (see the sidebar on this page for the links). You can copy and paste information from the worksheet into the appropriate places on the form.

  • Be sure to save the worksheet as a record of your entry. Use what you’ve written about your project to promote your company in other ways!


Contact us any time we can answer questions or offer suggestions.