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UAC Magazine - Spring 2018

UAC Magazine – Spring 2018

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Spring 2018


  • Meet Angie Russell Jinright

  • Executive Director message

  • New vice president named  Ewing names Childers to lead division

  • What did you miss?  Landscape Business Boot Camp

  • UAC has a new mailing address

  • What did you miss?  UAC dinner at Arbor-Nomics Turf

  • Looking to grow your team?  Job postings on UAC’s website


  • Have you met…  Lyle Collins, Southern Trillium, LLC

  • Me & my mentor  Jared Icard, Roots Turf and Ornamental

  • Pest 411   European gypsy moth is knocking on Georgia’s door

  • Save the date

  • Safety works Using pesticides safely

  • Health & benefits UAC health insurance plan

  • Pro project  Cozy contemporary outdoor space, Classic Landscapes

  • What the tech? Finding new clients

  • Directory of advertisers


  • Growing Managers Series  The discipline of management

  • Motivate without money  Happy teams can be their own reward

  • Small business tax returns  What to do if you make a mistake

  • Payroll mistakes Common errors that cause liability concerns

  • Commercial insurance  When to connect with your agent

  • Online pest control CEUs  UGA offers web-based education

  • Get what you want  Seven questions to keep you focused


  • Spread the word It’s time to shine a light on our profession

  • Outdoor water use rules Non-Drought and Drought Response Level 1

  • 2019 SNA conference announced January 7-8, 2019 in Baltimore

  • Hort scholarships $18,000 available in 2018


  • More than pollen and nectar What pollinators need

  • Got shade?  A pollinator-friendly landscape can be created in the shade

  • Protecting pollinators  What you can do to help their survival

  • Giant milkweed  Consider the possibilities

  • Native cup plant  A one-stop cafe for birds and pollinators

  • Scarlet sage  An old friend made even more dazzling

  • How to plant a tree  Why are we still doing it wrong?

  • Turfgrass diseases  Identifying and preparing

  • Cottontail rabbits  Cute, cuddly, destructive

  • Every bug is not a pest  Identify before applying pesticides

  • Distant cousins  Native azaleas are very different from traditional variety

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