Preserving historical character


The client’s primary focus was to preserve the historical charm and character of the property.

Many old garden areas that we intended to restore were overgrown with old shrubs or had poor soil. Many areas also did not have irrigation.

We chose a plant list suitable for each area around the mansion. Some surviving plant material was transplanted to beds where they would have the opportunity to thrive. We installed and expanded the irrigation where there were gaps.

Photo spots around the mansion were given special attention and care to make them extra bright and beautiful. As the mansion serves as both a wedding venue and a historical home, it was crucial to the client that everything appear immaculate for the upscale weekly events.


BEFORE: This garden area is directly in front of the mansion and can be seen from the road. It is also a common location for photos. The soil was in poor condition, straw was being used instead of mulch, the shrubs were overgrown and the existing plant material was sparce.


A perennial bed was designed with a variety of florals, shrubs, and grasses to maximize visual appeal. We extended the bed all the way around the fountain area and removed dying sod. Mulch replaced the straw for an overall nicer look.


BEFORE: The sod around the bed area was not doing well, the shrubs were overgrown, and plant material was very sparse.


This is a close up of the center of the bed surrounding the fountain area. The bed was thoroughly weeded and new material was planted to fill the space. Layers of flowers added depth to the design as opposed to just one ring of plants.


This is a hillside in front of the wedding chapel. We filled out the plant material and replaced whatever was not doing well.


This is a pathway directly in front of the mansion. It is a high visibility area and has a lot of foot traffic. We added a variety of flowers, grasses, and small shrubs to this area as well as refreshed the mulch and did some much-needed pruning.


This is in the courtyard area where guests mingle. This bed had a drain that needed fixing and some shrubs to hide it. We filled out the bed with layers of plant material to add dimension to the space as well as hide the drain.


This bed is right in front of the mansion. The plant material was low quality and not doing well as a lot of it was not meant for the sun/shade in that area. We added many layers of plant material in all varieties to visually improve this space. Existing shrubs were hand pruned, mulch was added, and lower quality plants were replaced. We made sure to use plants that were able to handle the full sun in this area.

Judges' comments about this project

  • There was a lot of attention to detail in this project.
  • Good plant selections with a nice variety of colors and textures.
  • the plantings have a very natural feeling that complements the historic charm of the mansion.
  • The variegated iris really pop.
  • This project will have even more impact once the plants have been allowed to grow in. It will have an amazing cottage garden feel, which is very difficult to pull off.

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