Inviting streetscapes


We were hired to design, install and maintain 85 containers in downtown Alpharetta. The goal was to create inviting streetscapes throughout the city, to add bursts of color and vitality to the downtown environment, and to soften the concrete and brick surroundings.

We created a variety of container themes – and designed the containers per streetscape, as some streets are both shaded and full sun. The overall goal was bright complimentary colors with correctly selected thriller-filler-spiller elements.

The symmetry in plant selection and design provide an overall continuity to enhance the beautiful Alpharetta streets.


These containers have healthy bright and vibrant plant material. The containers are at the south corners of this 4-way stop. Large and full plant material was used for good visibility from all 4 corners. The two south corners mirror each other for continuity.


Located at a four-way stop, three filigree urns have the color and texture and are stunning both from the street and eye level in this heavy pedestrian intersection.


There are two filigree urns across the street from each other in a heavy pedestrian area that are mirrored in plant material and design. The variety of color and texture add to the stunning display. This is a mostly shaded area and its counterpart across the street is in full sun.


Located at an intersection, there are two sets of urns located on both corners. Their lush appearance and flower varieties thrived in the mostly shade environment.


Seven urns were designed to complement the brick store fronts. Using similar colors to the highway urn series, these bowls stand alone in their distinctive design. The urns sit high, above eye level, so we created mid-height arrangements for good visibility.


This series of seven bowls are at eye level to pedestrian foot traffic. We chose bright complimentary flower displays, taking into the consideration the maroon awnings of the building.

Judges' comments about this project

  • Excellent job of overcoming a challenging maintenance project.
  • Proportion of pots are beautiful.
  • Plant selections are good in terms of survival in this setting.
  • Overall, a very successful project.
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