Neighborhood green space


A nearby homeowner purchased an undeveloped 2.8-acre lot to avoid overcrowding in the neighborhood, but the space was overgrown. We removed non-native, invasive plant species. Clearing and grading were completed and trails were installed.

The land now serves as a park-like green space for the entire neighborhood with an orchard, wandering trails, decorative stone and concrete bridges, steps (planted with Sea Pink Thrift to help avoid erosion) and meadows galore.


Nature's Elegance: Embracing the tranquil beauty of rolling green hills


A backyard sanctuary embraced by the lush canopy of expansive trees and native bushes.


Precision in Green: A freshly mowed lawn, where each blade stands tall in a symphony of meticulous grooming.


Blooms of Radiance: Red flowers unfurling under the warm embrace of the sun, painting nature in vibrant hues.


Meticulous Care: Precision in grooming around the stone walkway enhances the charm of the surroundings.


Luxuriant Abundance: A mesmerizing display of beautiful, full, and lush bushes embracing nature's opulence.

Judges' comments about this project

  • Good job on removal of invasive species and non-natives in the wooded areas.
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