Show-ready seasonal color

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This client is a high-end condominium and they want their flowers to look show-ready at all times.

This design uses a wide variety of plant material, with varying heights and textures, to achieve a layered and bright eye-catching display.

There were several opportunities to enhance the existing landscape by expanding flower beds and revamping existing areas. This is a mature property, which comes with mature trees and roots. It’s important to understand not only what the plants do and how they perform, but also the particular struggles of each area of the property.


A bright and colorful display full of textures and heights and shows the overall theme of the property.


BEFORE: Seasonal color bed at the gate entry to the property before expansion.


Bed expansion is complete, creating an inviting entrance of vibrant colors for owners.


This long bed has varying sun and water requirements and is a focal point on the property. Heights of caladium and cleome are a colorful addition.


A flower bed was added along with several enhancements to an extremely shady area. This space greets owners as they come in and out of their pedestrian gate.


This bed uses several textures and colors to showcase the main sign. The bright purple from the ruellia and lime of the coleus make a bright and colorful addition.


The winter version of the sign bed uses several varieties of flowers and the lavender erysimum always makes such a statement.


This bed is located in a median with a crape myrtle. The bed is very shady and the water is difficult because of the roots. The rose whopper begonias stand up to the challenge and perform beautifully all summer.

Judges' comments about this project

  • Showstopper, well done!
  • Good variety of combinations.
  • Both seasons look good.
  • Excellent plant selection.
  • Breathes life into dead spaces on the property.
  • The continuity of the project is excellent.

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