Senate Study Committee on Workforce Access – Final Report

The Senate Study Committee on Agriculture, Forestry, and Landscape Workforce Access (Committee) was created with the adoption of Senate Resolution 460 during the 2019 Legislative Session. The Committee was charged with exploring new employment initiatives in technical schools, youth career development programs, coordination among state agencies, and other such efforts to improve workforce availability in Georgia.

The Committee was comprised of the following members:

  • Senator John Wilkinson of the 50th;
  • Senator P.K. Martin of the 9th;
  • Senator Frank Ginn of the 4 7th;
  • Department of Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black;
  • Department of Labor Commissioner Mark Butler;
  • State School Superintendent of Education Richard Woods;
  • Mr. Charles Hall, Executive Director, Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association;
  • Mr. Brent Galloway, President, Georgia Cattleman's Association; and
  • Ms. Mary Kay Woodworth, Executive Director, Georgia Urban Agriculture Council.