Creating spaces to enhance vistas


The client asked us to remove improperly selected and placed plant material and claim underutilized space to create an environment that was pet friendly and could accommodate parties while providing beautiful vistas. Mirroring the architecture of the home, a stone wall with several accents was added to level and widen the space. The narrow rotting steps at the main entrance were replaced with a large landing, connecting the drive with an open level patio with two low-tiered architectural walls. A water feature was incorporated to soften the hardscape and provide visual and audible interest for guests as they arrive.


BEFORE: Entrance with overgrown shrubs.


This reconfiguration opened up the entrance to her home by creating a 'foyer' and wide steps for accessing the home. The stone landing space has a comfortable built-in boulder seat. The entrance is set off by a beautiful water fountain surrounded by grasses.


Overhead view of the main entrance and driveway with a mix of perennials, grasses and shrubs. The upper right-hand corner shows the dog run area in the backyard. Annuals are installed in containers throughout the property.


This shows the newly created level space for garden parties. The client wanted an unobstructed view to the mountains and stream below so low growing shrubs and groundcovers were used. To add interest and keep the feel of the rural location, we chose boulder walls in the two garden areas away from the house.


The centerpiece to this garden-party worthy area is the new water feature. Parties can originate under the deck and spill out into the lawn.


Easy growing, deer resistant and tough plants fill the space in front of the long, stone wall. The client asked us to make the wall different from other walls on her property, so we added boulders into the wall and created spaces in the garden strip for seating.

Judges' comments about this project

  • Amazing transformation, very impressive.
  • The boulder wall is a beautiful solution while not obstructing the view - made the space more usable.
  • The quality of construction is excellent.

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