Elegant flowers for spring wedding


Our client was planning for a large spring wedding to be held on the formal front steps and wanted her flowers to be simple, elegant, and work with what the florist was planning for the wedding.

Bringing a wedding outdoors in early May is difficult.  Installing the spring flowers in mid-April after the last frost doesn’t give enough time for plants to grow to their full abundance.

Designing plants with the knowledge of their normal bloom time and how quickly they would fill in was vital in planning the flowers. The bonus was keeping them looking good throughout the season with the help of the seasonal color maintenance crews.


A picture from the wedding that shows how the containers worked with the florist's flowers.


A view of the home's grandiose front entrance shows how the flowers bring your eye to the center.


White, purples and pinks were used by request of the bride.


The landing for the front steps displayed several pots and a flower bed.


The containers aged well through the summer months.


The driveway entrance was lined by white baby wing begonias and rose whopper begonias to repeat the pink and white theme of the garden with the accent of purple angelonia in the back.

Judges' comments about this project

  • Great job with the trellises - went above and beyond.
  • Nice texture between petunias and euphorbia.
  • Very lush plantings.

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