Connecting the spaces


The client’s goal was to create a place to entertain, and to connect the finished basement to the new entertainment area.

The entertainment area and fire pit were installed only a foot below the first-floor elevation of the residence, providing easy access to the kitchen and house. This was accomplished by a series of retaining walls, deck construction, and paver installation.

Landscape lighting was added to extend entertainment time.


BEFORE: Original rotted wood deck to main floor.


Replacement composite deck with change in elevation.


BEFORE: Overall state of back yard before project (notice the grade).


The retaining walls allowed for the grade to be moved away from the existing basement patio area, creating a sizable lawn area at the basement level.


The air conditioner by the basement patio is now screened.


The basement patio and fire pit area is connected via a natural stone staircase.


Easy access to entertainment area and fire pit from driveway.

Judges' comments about this project

  • The construction is excellent, fence is creative.
  • The layout of the spaces ties everything together well.
  • Great transformation, great value for the customer.
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