Re-designed for flow

GALA distinction award winner

Small in-town space turned functional.

The homeowner had just finished the expansion of their outdoor sunroom and wanted to pull together the back yard to create a more functional garden space. We had previously completed a similar project for her next-door neighbor, so she was familiar with the elements she wanted to incorporate into her project.

Unique Environmental Landscapes

The yard was poorly sectioned by an existing fence that failed to maximize the space, as well as a sloping yard that was difficult to walk on and, in some cases, unusable. This "before" shot was taken underneath the deck looking out into the narrow back yard. Note the two river birch trees on the right. On the left, notice the shrub and fence line creeping into the yard. The sycamore behind the fence line was removed, allowing us to push the fence line back out to the setback line.

Unique Environmental Landscapes

This "after" shot was taken from the same location, showing the new patio flowing out into the back yard. A hot tub is positioned on the right (not pictured here) and the fire pit is the focal point destination in the back yard. Notice that the left fence line been pushed out to expand the space. Where possible, we moved the fence out to the appropriate setback line to maximize the visual and usable space.

Terracing the yard allowed us to take out some of the severe slope and create a small patio in the yard for a fire pit. Entertainment was a key element of the space, so it needed to flow into the recently renovated and expanded sunroom area.

Unique Environmental Landscapes

This "before" photo was taken from the lower left corner looking back at the house. Note the existing large sycamore tree and the fence line intruding into the backyard. The tree was removed and the fence line was pushed back to expand backyard.

Unique Environmental Landscapes

Photo from same lower left-hand corner looking back at house shows off a new small retaining wall used to terrace the back yard. Asiatic Jasmine is the groundcover selected for the slope area with accents of Kaleidoscope Abelia and Japanese Stewartia around the fire pit area.

Unique Environmental Landscapes

This photo was taken from the lower right corner, looking up into the back yard. This area droptop severely and made the lower yard area unusable.

Unique Environmental Landscapes

This is the same lower right corner. Part of the existing fence remained due to a shared property. Natural stone steps allow access to the small lower turf area and copper path lights provide accessibility even in the evenings.

Selecting plant material was important because of the small space. Plants also were used to create visual interest. Japanese Stewartia, Blue Atlas Cedar, and Coral bark Japanese maple create focal points in the landscape. We also used Green Giant Arborvitae to tie in to the existing screening material.

The bed linens of the landscape and the patio layout were designed to create a flowing landscape that gives this cramped in-town back yard the feeling of spaciousness. Zeon Zoysia turf gives the feel of carpet flowing off the patio, creating an invitation to enjoy the re-designed space.

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