Adding interest and function


The client wanted interest and functionality for a large backyard. We created a layered scheme with some hardscapes to add dimension and make the large space feel more useful. A sleep slope with massive erosion were the main obstacles in completing this project. We stabilized the slope with a jute mesh, and added plantings to mitigate runoff.


BEFORE: The side view of the backyard showing the site's slope.


Landscaping installed on the slope, with the view toward the back yard.


Back yard view toward the house.


Side view, showing an overview of the installed project.


Top view of the back yard showing more details of the installed project.


Judges' comments about this project

  • The site was a challenge - high marks for degeee of difficulty.
  • Applaud the use of plant material instead of hardscape to deal with the slope.
  • Good job capturing runoff and directing it away from the seating area.

Our journey began organically. As a plant biology college professor, I cultivated my own dream garden when I purchased my first home. Little did I know, my neighbors started admiring my garden and sought my help with their own yards. In 2015, I took my passion to the next level by obtaining a landscape design certificate from esteemed Emory University.

This prompted me to establish Designed Landscapes that same year, and we’ve been flourishing ever since. Our secret to success is simple yet effective – we create custom gardens that prioritize personalization.