Safety Zone Awards

Georgia Urban Ag Council Safety Zone Awards

UAC Safety Zone awards recognize UAC business-level member companies who have implemented safety and loss prevention programs through management commitment, employee involvement, and program innovation.

What new?

Amped up

  • Safety Zone has a new twist: now you’re competing against your fellow UAC members!
  • For the Safety First Awards, the winners will be those with the lowest number of accidents, injuries, illnesses and/or lost time when compared to the other entries.
  • Entries will be divided into categories based on fleet size and company size.


  • No calculations or volumes of paper needed.
  • Just submit the entry form and a form or two that you already have at your fingertips.

New categories, more chances to win

  • New award categories for photos and videos that demonstrate your safety measures.
  • Three chances to win a trophy in each category, plus your photos/videos could be featured on UAC’s website.

Why enter?

Public recognition

  • Winning companies will be listed on UAC’s website and the award will be included on your company’s individual UAC web profile page, increasing your credibility and visibility.
  • UAC will provide you with a press release to publicize your company’s proactive approach to safety.

Safety impacts your business

  • Safety and health performance are important to the overall success of your company. You can protect your employees by reducing and preventing exposure to hazards.
  • A safe work environment results in less absenteeism, higher morale and enhanced relationships between labor and management.
  • Obviously, employees benefit when injuries and illnesses decline, but so can your company’s bottom line.
  • Dollar savings can be dramatic, including substantial reductions in workers’ compensation expenses.
  • Good safety ratings can make you more competitive when bidding for new projects.

Getting in the Safety Zone will make your business OSHA-ready

  • Having documented safety programs in place greatly reduces your exposure to OSHA-related violations and fines.

Safety issues? Enter anyway!

  • If your company has been struggling with safety issues, entering these awards will show your employees that you are serious about stepping up safety efforts.

Quick facts

  • There is no entry fee but you must be a current UAC business-level member.
  • These awards recognize safety performance from January 1 – December 31.
  • Member companies are encouraged to enter any or all of the award categories.


    • Application deadline for 2016 awards: Deadline extended to March 10, 2017
    • Awards given at the April 2017 UAC dinner meeting

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