Relaxing seclusion

Because we had worked for several of their neighbors, the owners approached us to re-design their back yard. With their children older, the need for a large open lawn was less important, and the desire now was to have a quiet place to retreat. The new design positioned a water feature and sitting area mid-way into the back yard.

Southern Trillium, LLC

Careful consideration was given to placement and orientation of the fountain to provide views from inside of the house, yet maintain privacy from other angles. Continuity was important to match the existing granite foundation of the house and an existing outdoor granite fireplace and seat walls directly behind the home. We built the new features using local Lithonia granite with beaded grapevine mortar joints to match the home. Matching the existing granite work with the beaded grapevine joint required skilled masonry.

Southern Trillium, LLC

The custom water feature required extensive design and construction, plumbing, and filtration, all of which is hidden from view. We custom made the copper scuppers for the water feature and everything was built to match our design.

Southern Trillium, LLC

The rear of the property will be a future woodland garden for the homeowners; stepping stones leading through new granite columns will be the entry. Decisions were made regarding which plants to remove or transplant, along with new plantings to give the homeowners the garden they desired. The deep lot which was always viewed in its entirety will now become two garden spaces, with the front more formal then transitioning to a less formal woodland garden.

The final project gave the clients the beautiful back yard they desired for relaxation and seclusion. Balancing the site conditions, the views from the home, and the existing features of the back yard, we designed and built a new garden showcasing a combination water feature and sitting area. The attributes of the deep lot were maintained while now inviting one to follow the path and relax beside the fountain.

Judges' comments about this project

  • The patio size and the fountain size are well proportioned to the lawn.
  • It’s a creative fountain, part of a circle interrupts the crescent shape to catch the water for the reserve.
  • They changed the turf, too, and the fescue definitely works better there.
  • A strong point is the granite work and the tie-in, the seating area and the fountain relate well.
  • While they didn't really emphasize the plantings in the photography that much, you see them in the background, and there appears to be a good variety of textures.
  • The columns are a nice way to draw you into the future garden and tie it all together.
  • I can't wait to see what they do with the next garden in the back.
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