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Southern Trillium, LLC

The new homeowners' main objective was to transform the small lot into a private garden that they could enjoy with minimal maintenance, as they planned to do almost all of the maintenance themselves. They wanted a small sitting area in the front yard to relax and see neighbors as they walked along the street. In the backyard, they wanted a place to gather around a fire with family and friends. Because of their love of the game of cornhole, we created a hidden terrace in the garden for a permanent installation using granite boards. The remainder of the property has narrow paths to enjoy every square foot.

Southern Trillium, LLC

This area of the back yard, under the tree canopy, was transformed into a terrace for playing cornhole. Custom-built granite cornhole boards are on the terrace, along with reclaimed granite cobbles found on-site.

This residence is located in a Historic Preservation District on one of the most carefully protected streets for the historic style. Therefore, our design had to not only meet the client’s requests but also satisfy the Historic board. Part of the rear of the property is a stream buffer, so we had to do all of the work without equipment, which also benefitted the tree root zones.

Southern Trillium, LLC

The bubbling boulder water feature we installed for the homeowner.

Hiding the 1,500-gallon rain harvesting system under the deck required removing deck posts for installation.

Southern Trillium, LLC

All irrigation is supplied via this rain harvesting system. A 1.500-gallon tank with a self-cleaning filtration system irrigates the entire property using drip irrigation.

The client wanted a beautiful garden that would be easy to establish and maintain for years to come, so the initial design decisions incorporated native plants. Careful selection and placement of plants reduces plant stress and allow for minimal care. The amount of lawn on the entire property was minimized to less than 500 square feet. Site work on the front of the house and left side allowed for water runoff to move through the landscape and appropriate plants were selected that would tolerate the periodic wet conditions. Crushed stone pathways and terraced areas were used to maintain as much permeable surface area as possible.

Southern Trillium, LLC

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