Historic facelift

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The owners of the property wanted to renovate the frontage to promote safety, delineate the business entrance, increase curb appeal as well as provide a seating area for its employees to use for business or pleasure by providing an outdoor room.

Decorative pavers were used for the patio surface as an homage the colorful tile veneer on the front of the building. Angular accent lines subconsciously lead you to the doors and exits. This was purposefully done to lead people through the space.

Plants Creative Landscapes

The existing historic frontage needed an extreme facelift. Concrete demolition of property was performed to remove old, dangerously heaving and broken slabs.

The existing Bradford Pear trees formed a dense canopy which lead the concrete to become quite slippery. This safety hazard was compounded with the original grade, causing many trip and slip hazards.

The Bradford Pears were cut and removed. The entire property façade was removed to virgin soil and prepared for new construction.

Plants Creative Landscapes

By cutting the existing grade we created a new pedestrian experience that leads to the main business door. We then created an elevated patio connecting the non-entry doors used by employees. This photo shows the employee seating area with ornamental beds to soften the transition from brick to concrete pavers. This also shows the two sets of doors that were enclosed within the custom fencing to help delineate the primary business entrance.

Plants Creative Landscapes

This photo shows the employee entrance gate. Stepping stones and groundcover were chosen to create an intentionally informal passage into the seating area, encouraging visitors to stay on the primary paver walkways.

Plants Creative Landscapes

This is the primary business entrance, with subtle yet effective paver patterns built in to direct visitors to the door. This also shows the transition of the primary entrance to the employee patio, using stepping stones, groundcover, and gate.

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