Enhancing the entrance

GALA distinction award winner

Making this home's entrance safe and beautiful.

This project was a complete residential makeover. We designed the residence to have form and function. The retaining walls, steps, and walkways were dilapidated and unusable. From start to finish, the design enhanced the entire entrance to the home.

Michaelangelo's Sustainable Landscape & Design Group

This was the beginning of the rip-out process: removing leaves, old shrubs and retaining walls. As you can see, there was an old grey stone walkway here as well.


Boulder walls replaced the rotten railroad ties, a new crab orchard walkway replaced the old stone walkway, new landscape lighting was placed along the pathway, and new plants were installed.

Michaelangelo's Sustainable Landscape & Design Group

This is the right side of the house. These old, rotten walls were holding up support beams for the front of the roof overhang.

Michaelangelo's Sustainable Landscape & Design Group

Here we replaced the failing walls with new boulder walls and landscaped the hillside to help beautify the area and prevent erosion.

About Michaelangelo's Sustainable Landscape & Design Group

Michaelangelo's Sustainable Landscape & Design Group

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