Creating outdoor spaces


The client had many goals for this limited space: a pool, a fire pit, outdoor dining and grilling space, guest parking area, and a place for their dog to play. We combined the pool and the fire pit areas, creating space for a synthetic turf play area. Pavers created spaces for sunbathing and outdoor dining and grilling. A 5’ pierced brick wall separates the guest parking from the entertainment area, allowing privacy.


BEFORE: Vacant lot, clean slate.


Newly constructed three-car guest parking area.


New entry into back yard.


Pool, fire pit, and sunbathing lounge area.


Fire pit waterfall.


Outdoor dining, grilling, synthetic turf play area, and access to the house.

Judges' comments about this project

  • There was a high degree of difficulty with this project.
  • Good job of capturing the client's needs and goals.
  • The strong consistent rectangluar design theme ties in well with the architecture of the home.
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