Bold, bright flower beds

 Vibrant seasonal color.

Our client wants bright reds and yellows with varying textures. The beds are long but the depth is challenging for all the layers requested.

Gibbs Landscape Company

A beautiful display using reds and yellows of varying heights, colors and textures. The Aaron Caladium add nice texture and height to the back of the beds.

Gibbs Landscape Company

Vibrant flowers of duranta, yellow canna, red begonias and Cherry Sunpatiens greet our homeowner every afternoon.

Gibbs Landscape Company

Stunning red and yellow tulips in combination with mauve erysimum announce that spring has arrived.

Gibbs Landscape Company

These beds are full of color and texture with blooming rainbow euphorbia, Helleborus, Erysimum, pansies and tulips.

Our customer wants bright and vibrant and we far exceeded their expectations in both seasons.

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