UAC board of directors & staff

The Georgia Urban Ag Council, led by its board of directors, will

  • promote our industry,
  • educate our members,
  • offer opportunities for networking and information sharing,
  • serve as a consumer resource,
  • and support the institutions that educate and train our employees.

The board’s goal is to structure UAC to deliver the greatest impact and benefit in all of these areas and create a robust association to better represent all sectors of our industry. To ensure that representation, the board consists of:

  • three landscape or lawn care contractors,
  • one sod producer,
  • one irrigation contractor or consultant,
  • one parks/recreation/institutional representative,
  • one representative from the golf/sports field,
  • a nursery/grower representative,
  • and one vendor/supplier representative.

The terms are staggered to ensure continuity, varying from 1-3 years. The board will be assisted by advisory boards from all sectors of the industry.

Jennifer Jorge

Jennifer Jorge

A headshot of Matt Lowe

Matt Lowe

A headshot of Josh Morrow

Josh Morrow

  • President/Owner of Athletic Fields, Inc.
  • Area Manager, Super-Sod
  • Josh Morrow has been in the sports field and sod business most of his life, following in his father’s (Ken Morrow) footsteps, from sprigging fields in the ’90s to running athletic fields. He is a past president of the Georgia Turfgrass Association and has been a member of the Sports Turf Managers Association since 2005.
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A headshot of Ken Morrow

Ken Morrow

  • President at TPM, Inc. & Vice-President at The Turfgrass Group, Inc.
  • Morrow and Rick Hornsby joined with Aaron McWhorter of NG Turf in 1997 to found The Turfgrass Group in Ft. Valley, GA. The company, with its network of licensed growers, is focused on “bringing advanced generation turfgrasses to market” in both domestic and international markets.
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A headshot of Bob Scott

Bob Scott

  • Owner of Irrigation Consultant Services
  • Scott is Founder and President of Irrigation Consultant Services, Inc., Conyers, GA, a well-known irrigation design and consultation firm specializing in irrigation design for residential, commercial, parks, athletic fields, and golf courses.
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A headshot of Ron White

Ron White

  • Owner, TurfPride Lawn Care
  • White’s background includes 20 years in the agricultural and green industries, along with time in the pesticide industry including Ciba/Syngenta and ThermoTrilogy. He started and now operates TurfPride branches in Georgia and North Carolina.
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Ex Officio

UAC staff