Category 41 Mosquito Control license

Requirements for commercial application

Do you need a mosquito control license? Here is a description of the Category 41 Mosquito Control license category as it appears in the rules of the Pesticide Use and Application Act of 1976:

(r) Mosquito Control. This category includes commercial applicators using or supervising the use of restricted use pesticides, or State restricted pesticide uses, in the control of mosquitoes on residential, commercial and public grounds.

This means that any individual who uses pesticides to control mosquitoes commercially, is required to have one full-time, licensed pesticide applicator on staff in category 41(mosquito control) per location.

In addition, the company is required to have a Pesticide Contractor’s License.

The exam

Individuals can register online to take the category 41 exam at the state technical college of their choice.

The study material is available from this site as well.

To prepare for the exam, the category 41 and the general standards manuals are required.

The testing fee for the exam is $45 (paid to the testing center). The license activation fee is $90 (paid to the GDA).

Continuing education

Licensed individuals are required to complete ten hours of continuing education every five years to renew their licenses. UGA Cooperative Extension and The Georgia Mosquito Control Association are instrumental in providing these continuing education courses.

Currently there are about 546 individuals licensed in category 41 in the State of Georgia.

Licensed individual have proven to the state that they have the fundamental knowledge of mosquito control. They understand the importance of applying these pesticide products safely without affecting public health or the environment.

For more info

For more information regarding the Category 41 Mosquito Control License Requirements and the Rules and Regulations regarding Mosquito Control call the GDA Agriculture Inputs Section, call (404) 656-4958.

For more information regarding the control, biology and habitat of mosquitoes contact your local cooperative extension office or The Georgia Mosquito Control Association.

Georgia Mosquito Control Association

Pesticide Program

Online list of licensed companies that provide mosquito control services in Georgia.

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