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Registration reopens Tuesday, January 18.

Landscape Pro University August 31, 2022

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THREE WAYS to get the information and training you need!

Landscape Pro University

7:00 am - 8:00 am - Check in and onsite registration

Select the track that works for you:

1. Landscape Design Seminar: Designing the Environmentally Responsive Landscape...a Nature-Inspired Approach

This full-day, hands-on workshop is for green industry professionals wishing to create designs that are stunning and earth-friendly. This profit-centered course focuses on marketing and selling your ecologically sound concepts to all types of clients.

2. Georgia Pesticide License Review for Exam

This full-day training is intended for turfgrass and ornamental landscape employees interested in attaining the Commercial Pesticide Applicator’s Category 24 License in Georgia. This license is required for anyone who does contract spraying of herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides in Georgia for residential, industrial, or business applications. This training also is open to licensed applicators who would like a refresher course.

3. Green Industry Conference - mix or match topic areas hourly from the following 1-hour sessions!

8:00 am - 9:00 am

  • AGRONOMICS: Turfgrass for Water Conservation for the 21st Century | Dr. Clint Waltz, UGA
  • HORTICULTURE/PLANT HEALTH: Selection, Installation and Establishment of Young Trees | Dr. Jason Gordon, UGA
  • BUSINESS: From Pandemic to Brown Bottle Flu - Personnel Management | Rex Bishop, Tea Olive Productions
  • IRRIGATION/LIGHTING: Irrigation from the Ground Up: Train Wreck to High Tech | Reid Garner, Hunter Industries & Rolando Orellana, UGA
  • HARDSCAPES: Introduction to Limestone Hardscape Materials | Kevin Brannon, Polycor
  • BELGARD U: Paver Overlays | Andrew Harris, Belgard

9:10 am - 10:10 am

  • AGRONOMICS: Adjuvants 101: Understanding the “Extras” in Your Tank | Dr. Patrick McCullough, UGA
  • HORTICULTURE/PLANT HEALTH: Troubleshooting Problems in the Landscape | | Dr. Bodie Pennisi and Greg Huber, UGA
  • BUSINESS: How to Analyze and Improve your Profitability | Rex Bishop, Tea Olive Productions
  • IRRIGATION/LIGHTING: Pumps...When, Where and How | Mike Yarussi, Munro Companies
  • HARDSCAPES: Hands-On Install of Natural Stone Veneers | Kevin Brannon, Polycor
  • BELGARD U: Paver Install 101 | Andrew Harris, Belgard

10:10 am - 11:10 am

  • SiteOne Supplier Expo & Break

11:10 am - 12:10 pm

  • AGRONOMICS: Turfgrass Today | Dr. Clint Waltz, UGA
  • HORTICULTURE/PLANT HEALTH: Fine-Tuning Your Pruning Program | Rick Smith, The Pruning Guru
  • BUSINESS: Recruitment and Retention in Today's World | Rex Bishop, Tea Olive Productions
  • IRRIGATION/LIGHTING: Troubleshooting a Two-Wire Irrigation System | Dirk Hessman, Hunter Industries
  • HARDSCAPES: Intro to Iso-Kern Fireplace and Outdoor Kitchens | Shirley White, Earthcore Industries
  • BELGARD U: Permeable Pavers | Andrew Harris, Belgard

12:15 pm - 1:15 pm

  • SiteOne Supplier Expo & Lunch

1:15 pm - 2:15 pm

  • AGRONOMICS: Bridging the Knowledge Gap: Science, Client and Compliance | Greg Huber, UGA
  • HORTICULTURE/PLANT HEALTH: Identify, Control and Eradicate Non-Native and Invasive Species | Brian Arnold, Songbird Landcare, Inc.
  • BUSINESS: Safety Culture is Vital to Success | Rex Bishop, Tea Olive Productions
  • IRRIGATION/LIGHTING:Landscape Lighting: Design Techniques to Enhance the Landscape l Jason Radake, Hunter Industries
  • HARDSCAPES: Natural Stone Patio Installation | Brian Bishop, Universal Stone Imports
  • BELGARD U: Paver Cleaning and Sealing | Andrew Harris, Belgard

2:25 pm - 3:25 pm

  • AGRONOMICS: Army Worms and Other Emerging Pests …How to Deal with Them | Dr. Shimat Joseph, UGA
  • HORTICULTURE/PLANT HEALTH: Water Management in the Landscape for Better Plant Health | Dr. John Ruter, UGA
  • BUSINESS: The Ultimate Customer Experience | Rex Bishop, Tea Olive Productions
  • IRRIGATION/LIGHTING: Landscape Lighting...Blending Techniques with Technology to Boost Profits | Ross Butler, SiteOne
  • HARDSCAPES: Combatting Silica Hazards and OSHA Regulations on a Job Site | Vince Hollis, iQ Power Tools
  • BELGARD U: Belgard Modularity Product Line | Andrew Harris, Belgard