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2017 EDGE Expo

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Continuing Education Units

Continuing education credits from these organizations have been approved for the following sessions:

  • GA (Georgia Pesticide, from the Georgia Dept. of Agriculture)
  • Category 10: Session 4; Category 24: Sessions 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, PA (for current GA licensed applicators); Category 27: Session 2;  Category 31: Sessions 2, 5; Category 41: Session 2
  • GCLP: Georgia Certified Landscape Professional
  • Self-report; maximum of 10 CEUs
  • GCSAA: Golf Course Superintendent Association of America
  • Sessions 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, B1, B2, B3, PA
  • IA: Irrigation Association
  • Tier 1: Session 7
  • ISA: International Society of Arboriculture
  • Cert Arborist: Sessions 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, PA; BCMA Mgmt: Sessions 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, PA; BCMA Practice: Sessions 2, 7, 8, 10, PA; BCMA Science: Sessions 3, 4, 7, 8, PA; Municipal Spec: Sessions 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, PA; TW Aerial Lift: Session 2; TW Climber: Session 2; Utility Specialist: Sessions 2, 4, PA
  • NALP: National Association of Landscape Professionals
  • 1 CEU per each hour of instruction
  • STMA: Sports Turf Management Association
  • Sessions 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, PA

1. Intro to Landscape Boot Camp: Are you ready for 2018?

8:00 am – 8:55 am

GreenMark returns in January 2018 for a full-day “Landscape Boot Camp” seminar.  Here’s a preview of what to expect to get YOU ready for 2018!  The Landscape Boot Camp is an 8-hour one-day seminar where landscape professionals will learn about the four integral elements required for business success and how to implement them to grow your company in 2018 and beyond – Guiding the business, Running the business, Doing the business and Getting the business.

Bill Eastman and Steven Cohen, GreenMark Consulting Group

Credits: GCLPSelf-report; maximum of 10 CEUs; NALP1 CEU per each hour of instruction

Sorry, Session #2 is sold out.

2. Spray Calibration for Truck-Mounted Rigs (this class will be held outdoors)

3. Meteorology and the Landscape 101: What you need to know to run your operations!

9:00 am – 12:00 noon

Forrest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re going to get.” Ever feel that way about Atlanta’s weather?  Join CBS-46 Chief Meteorologist Paul Ossman and UGA’s experts and get a better understanding of what heat, humidity, cold, frost, rainfall, drought, snow, ice, hurricanes and other weather events mean for the landscape, and what you need to know to plan, prevent, protect and enhance the landscape, including the impact of weather on turfgrass diseases and insects and other pests.

Paul Ossman, Chief Meteorologist, CBS-46; Dr. Alfredo Martinez & Dr. Shimat Joseph, University of Georgia

Credits: GA: 3 hours Category 24; GCLPSelf-report; maximum of 10 CEUs; GCSAA: .30; ISA BCMA Management: 1; ISA BCMA Science: 1; ISA Certified Arborist: 2; ISA Municipal Specialist: 2; NALP1 CEU per each hour of instruction; STMA: .3

4. Plant Growth Regulators for the Landscape: Turf & Ornamental Economic, Products, and Application

9:00 am – 12:00 noon

sponsored by NG Turf

This three-hour session will focus on plant growth regulators in the landscape, including: plant growth regulators for the landscape, enhancing turf management with PGRs and the economic impact of using PGRs.

Dr. Mark Czarnota, Dr. Patrick McCullough & Dr. Bodie Pennisi, University of Georgia

Credits: GA: 3 hours Category 24, 1 hour Category 10; GCLPSelf-report; maximum of 10 CEUs; GCSAA: .30; ISA BCMA Management: .5; ISA BCMA Science: .5; ISA Certified Arborist: 1; ISA Municipal Specialist: 1; ISA Utility Specialist: 1; NALP: 1 CEU per each hour of instruction; STMA: .3

5.  What’s That Critter? Nuisance Wildlife – Identification and Management Strategies That Really Work

9:00 am – 12:00 noon

While most of us enjoy watching wildlife, sometimes wildlife interferes with our other activities. Wildlife eat our birdseed, dig up our gardens and landscape plants, and eat or damage our fruit, flowers and vegetables, leave mess and damage on properties.  When wildlife populates a place where they are unwanted or cause damage to valuable plants or structures, they are no longer appreciated; instead they become a nuisance. And the list of critters just keeps growing – from deer, rabbits, moles, voles, to raccoons, bats, snakes, and armadillo! Dr. Mengak and the panel of experts will discuss basic principles for humanely resolving issues with nuisance wildlife and share their thoughts on the most effective management strategies in residential, commercial, sports fields and golf courses. The presentation and discussion will include use of chemical and organic deterrents and repellents.

Dr. Michael Mengak & Keith Mickler,  University of Georgia CAES; Walter Reeves, The Georgia Gardener;  Jenny Hardgrave, Simply Flowers, Inc.;  Anthony Williams,  Director of Golf Course and Landscape Operations, TPC Four Seasons Golf and Sports Club Dallas at Las Colinas

Credits: GA: 3 hours Category 31; GCLP: Self-report; maximum of 10 CEUs; GCSAA: .30; NALP1 CEU per each hour of instruction; STMA: .3

6. Appropriate Turf Selection and Management Practices for the Shade Environment

9:00 am – 12:00 noon

Shade stress is one of the most widespread management challenge faced by turf managers and homeowners alike.  This session will provide attendees with insights and tools for better managing turf in shade environments. Topics addressed will include environmental factors contributing to turf decline in shade, physiological responses of turf to low light quantity and quality, cultural management adjustments that must be made, species and cultivar tolerances to shade, and new technologies/ apps for improving shade management.

Dr. Ben Wherley, Associate Professor, TAMU

Credits: GA: 3 hours Category 24; GCLPSelf-report; maximum of 10 CEUs; GCSAA: .30; NALP1 CEU per each hour of instruction; STMA: .3

7. Irrigation, Water Management and Innovations Today and in the Future

1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Irrigation and water management skills are essential to every Urban Ag professional. In this session the following issues will be discussed:  water stewardship, pesticide runoff, water quality, laws and regulations governing water use and how this fits the regional water plans. Additionally, plant growth and irrigation factors and innovations in irrigation technology, including Sensor Technology and Cloud Based Controls, will be discussed.

Dr. Gary Hawkins & Greg Huber, University of Georgia; Keith Loggins, Ewing Irrigation

Credits: GA: 3 hours Category 24;GCLPSelf-report; maximum of 10 CEUs; GCSAA: .30; IA – Tier 1: 3; ISA BCMA Management: 1.5; ISA BCMA Practice: 1; ISA BCMA Science: .5; ISA Certified Arborist: 3; ISA Municipal Specialist: 3;  NALP1 CEU per each hour of instruction; STMA: .3

Sorry, Session #8 is sold out.

8. Hands-On Diagnostics of Problems in Turf and Ornamentals: Property Walk to Identify Issues


9. Turfgrass Today: Herb Resistance, Micronutrients, Dead Bermudagrass Lawn Syndrome, Turfgrass Disease and 2018 Sod Survey

1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

sponsored by NG Turf

This session will include discussions of these topics:

  • Mitigating Herbicide Resistance on Turf – Herbicide resistance has increased exponentially in turfgrass in recent years.  We have identified resistance in grasses, sedges, and broadleaf weeds commonly found in lawns, sod, and recreational turf.  This seminar will cover the development of resistance in weed populations, case studies of resistance in Georgia turf, and how practitioners can plan integrated weed control programs with modifications in cultural and chemical control options.
  • The Role of Micronutrients in Turfgrass – The environment and management intensity of turfgrass systems often dictate the need for nutrients other than nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in a fertility program. This presentation will cover soil testing, adequate micronutrient levels, common deficiency issues, and cultural practices to increase nutrient availability and uptake.
  • Dead Bermudagrass Lawn Syndrome: Recap of Spring 2017 – Why this issue occurred and how to prevent it through cultural practices.
  • Turfgrass Diseases: A Year in Review – A review, update and significance of the main turfgrass diseases observed in 2017 as well as disease trends and forecasts for 2018 will be discussed (as well as prevention and control)
  • Turfgrass Inventory and Pricing – All you need to know about turf market trends and how to manage your inventory effectively.

Dr. Clint Waltz, Dr. Alfredo Martinez, Dr. Gerald Henry & Dr. Patrick McCullough, University of Georgia

Credits: GA: 3 hours Category 24; GCLPSelf-report; maximum of 10 CEUs; GCSAA: .30; NALP1 CEU per each hour of instruction; STMA: .3

10. Integrating a Holistic Approach to Pollinators and Biological Controls in Landscape Management – and How to Market and Make a Profit

1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

This seminar will discuss green initiatives and how to incorporate them into your business or institution.

  • Operation Pollinator – Positive Action for Pollinators     Operation Pollinator is a program which promotes the establishment of pollinator forage and provides tools and information to successfully establish and manage wildflowers resources.
  • Environomics:101 – How to blend an environmental program into a financial plan to achieve more with less. This practical information is an ABC of stewardship with real life examples, case studies and results. Topics covered range from arboriculture to xeriscapes in a fast paced interactive format that is designed to give attendees projects and processes to immediately integrate into their businesses.
  • Understanding and Marketing Ecosystem Services: How to Turn Green into Gold   Concerned that you are missing opportunities by not being “green” enough in the green industry? By working with nature you can improve client satisfaction, increase profitability, and save the planet (or at least give it a hand). First, we will look at how nature works, then consider how we currently deal with nature, and finally explore ways to adapt your business model and marketing to align with what your customer wants and nature offers.

Walt Osborne, Key Account Manager, Golf, Syngenta Turf & Landscape; Anthony Williams, Director of Golf Course and Landscape Operations, TPC Four Seasons Golf and Sports Club Dallas at Las Colina; and Eric King, King Landscaping

Credits: GA: 3 hours Category 24; GCLPSelf-report; maximum of 10 CEUs; GCSAA: .30; ISA BCMA Management: 1; ISA BCMA Practice: .5 ISA Certified Arborist: 1.5; ISA Municipal Specialist: 1.5; NALP1 CEU per each hour of instruction; STMA: .3

11. Is Hardscaping in Your Service Menu? Learn How to Make Money with Paver Estimating/Bidding

1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

This session will focus on bidding and estimating for retaining wall and paver installations in the residential market place.  We will address B&E from a job costing point of view starting from job take-offs, raw material estimating, labor hours to produce the projects, and other cost required to produce the projects ranging from travel time to company overhead recovery.  Estimate scenarios for several paver, wall, and outdoor living spaces for residential projects will be addressed.

Andrew Harris, Belgard

Credits: GCLPSelf-report; maximum of 10 CEUs; GCSAA: .30; NALP1 CEU per each hour of instruction

B1. BELGARD UNIVERSITY: Paver Installation for the Spanish-Speaking Landscape Professional

8:00 am – 4:30 pm

This course will be taught in Spanish by a Spanish-speaking instructor. Content will include installation standards, job layout, paver and SRW base installation and laying techniques, paver cutting and patterns, and joint sand installation. Includes outside hands-on and classroom training, dress appropriately for the weather.

No charge for training but you must register. 

Michael Tous, Belgard

Credits: GCSAA: .60

B2. BELGARD UNIVERSITY: Installation, Tools, Bidding & Estimating for Paver Projects

8:00 am – 4:30 pm

This class will include: 1) How to overlay concrete slabs with pavers, using the sand method and Belgard’s new DriBond method; 2) How to build, cut and adhere seat walls, columns and steps using Belgard’s retaining walls systems including Anchor 9D 2.0, corner units and precast step and landing units; 3) How to stay out of hot water with OSHA’s new silica dust-free cutting rules by using the newest concrete cutting tools; and 4) Bidding and estimating for wall and paver installations. Includes outside hands-on and classroom training, dress appropriately for the weather.

No charge for training but you must register. 

Grant Miller and Andrew Harris, Belgard

Credits: GCSAA: .60

Sorry, Session B3 is sold out.

B3. BELGARD UNIVERSITY: NCMA Segmental Retaining Walls Installer Course – Level I/Basic

8:00 am – 4:30 pm

PA. Commercial Pesticide Applicator’s License Test Preparation Training

This training is intended for turfgrass and ornamental landscape employees interested in attaining the Commercial Pesticide Applicator’s Category 24 License in Georgia. This license is required for anyone who does contract spraying of herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides in Georgia for residential, industrial, or business applications. This session also is open to licensed applicators who would like a refresher course.

9:00 am – 12:00 noon: General Standards Review

1:30 pm – 4:30 pm: Category 24 Review

Participants are encouraged to purchase both study guide manuals and follow along during the training. Order these manuals at www.gapestexam.com/examInfo.cfm. Please allow 7-14 days for delivery. When ready, participants may register to take the exam through a local technical college testing center in Georgia by logging on to www.gapestexam.com

Timothy Daly, Gwinnett County; Paul Pugliese, Bartow County; Josh Fuder, Cherokee County; Amanda Tedrow, Clarke County; University of Georgia Extension

Credits: GA: 8 hours Category 24 approved for current Georgia licensed applicators; GCLPSelf-report; maximum of 10 CEUs; GCSAA: .60; ISA BCMA Management: 2; ISA BCMA Practice: 1.75; ISA BCMA Science: 1.75; ISA Certified Arborist: 5.5; ISA Municipal Specialist: 5.5; ISA Utility Specialist: 5.5; NALP1 CEU per each hour of instruction; STMA: .6

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