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If you prefer to complete the process offline, you may download and mail this UAC membership application.

The online application process consists of 4 steps:

  1. Read and agree to the UAC Code of Ethics (below) then choose your membership level.
  2. Provide information for your member profile.
  3. Review your information.
  4. Pay online.

Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will receive an email to verify your information.

 Step 1 of 4: Membership level and UAC Code of Ethics

Annual membership investment:

Investment is based on annual gross sales revenue.

Business memberships


Companies that provide planning, design, construction, installation, and/or maintenance

  • Contractor-I – under $1 million: $250
  • Contractor-II – between $1- $2 million: $350
  • Contractor-III – between $2 – 5 million: $525
  • Contractor-IV – over $5 million and national corporations: $875

Recreation/Government/Education & Research:

Athletic fields, golf courses, educational institutions, counties and municipalities, public and private parks

  • $350

Vendor, Grower/Nursery, Sod Producer:

Companies that produce and/or sell materials, products or services

  • Vendor-I – under $2 million: $350
  • Vendor-II – between $2 – 5 million: $525
  • Vendor-III – over $5 million and national corporations: $875

Individual memberships

Independent professional:

  • $95
  • Individuals (cannot be the owner or principal of the company) whose companies or organizations are not UAC members.
  • Membership is in the individual’s name only, not the company or institution’s name; this membership is non-voting in association matters.


  • $40
  • Educators and students (proof of teaching/enrollment in higher ed landscape/hort/turf program required).
  • This membership is non-voting in association matters.

UGA Cooperative Extension personnel:

Annual renewals

  • Your annual renewal date is one year from the date you join.
  • An invoice will be mailed to you in advance of your renewal date.

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