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If you prefer to complete the process offline, you may download and mail this UAC membership application.

Joining is easy

1. Read UAC’s Code of Ethics.

Read our UAC Code of Ethics, then click the button on the membership form to indicate that you agree to adhere to these ethics.

2. Enter your business information.

We require basic information about your business for membership. This information is kept completely confidential.

3. Choose your membership level.

Your annual membership investment is based on annual gross sales revenue

UGA Cooperative Extension personnel:

Annual renewals

  • Your annual renewal date is one year from the date you join.
  • An invoice will be mailed to you in advance of your renewal date.

4. Select your payment option.

You can choose to have your membership automatically renew each year, choose a one-time online payment, or choose to send a check offline.

5. Click “Join now!”

Once the application and annual investment are received, your UAC membership is pending. After your application has been reviewed you will be notified of your membership status by email.


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