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Economic Report - Georgia Urban Ag Industry from UGA Center for Agribusiness & Economic Development

The Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development has recently completed an economic impact study for the Georgia Center for Urban Agriculture, with the objective of determining a baseline of the size, scope, and economic impact of the turfgrass and related industries in Georgia.

Highlights of the study:

---Overall, the Turfgrass and Related industry directly contributes $4.0 billion in output, and indirectly another $3.8 billion for a total of $7.8 billion of Georgia’s over $700 billion economy. The industry also directly and indirectly accounts for a total of nearly 87,000 full- and part-time jobs.

---In terms of earnings, the industry directly contributes over $2.0 billion, and indirectly adding another $1.4 billion for a total contribution to the Georgia economy of $3.4 billion. The value added direct contribution is $2.2 billion, with indirect value added of another $2.4 billion for a total of $4.6 billion.

---The Turfgrass and Related industry affects major sectors throughout the Georgia economy. Of the over 87,000 jobs, the largest contribution is in the Service sector for a total of 61,284 full- and part-time jobs. This is followed by the Trade sector with a total of 15,639 and Agriculture, which accounts for a total of 6,324 jobs.

---Given the linkages throughout the economy, the contribution of the Turfgrass and Related sectors affected over 93% of the Georgia sectors. The largest overall contribution in terms of output is in the Service sector of $5.0 billion, followed by the Trade sector at $1.2 billion. From each perspective, it is apparent that the total contribution of the Georgia Turfgrass and Related industry spans across the major sectors.

---The top industries (ranked by employment) affected by the Turfgrass and Related industry – both directly and indirectly – include Services to buildings and dwellings (38,242 jobs), Greenhouse, nursery, floriculture production (5,866 jobs), Building material and garden supply stores (5,599 jobs), food services and drinking places (2,818), and miscellaneous retail stores (2,415 jobs).

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